Random Acts of Kindness ( RAOK ) – the challenge!

Are you up for a challenge? Yes, YOU… After posting my last two Random Acts Of Kindness {RAOK} stories I thought it would be fun to challenge all of YOU into doing your own little RAOK around your town…either for yourself or include your whole family in on the fun! I have been absolutely loving being [Read More]

“contagious” – kindness part two

Do you know what the best part about giving can be? Seeing the ripple effect it can have on everyone around you. Remember my post my simple acts of kindness I was starting? Well week one went wonderful…I surprised a few people and hopefully made someone’s day. Week two. Even better. Let me tell you [Read More]

life lessons from a Disney movie?!

Yes you read that right. I have learned some great life lessons all from a PIXAR movie. Sounds funny huh? But it’s true. So a while back, I took my nephews to go see Monsters University when it came out in theaters and although I am normally entertained and enjoy Disney movies it’s not much [Read More]

simple acts of kindness

I have been thinking a lot about being KIND. and what that really means. of course it is just a simple way of living….but how often do we actually practice BEING KIND?   “be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”   such a simple line with so much meaning. It reminded [Read More]

The shine Project : Threads

You know how you have some of those friends that just POUR out LOVE and KINDNESS and HAPPINESS….one of those friends for me is ASHLEY of The Shine Project! She is so inspirational to me! She just opened a new shop called THREADS that not only gives jobs to kids to save money for college [Read More]

The Shine Project – weekend review

wow. I don’t even know how else to start this post off. Saturday was AMAZING! I was able to be apart of the first UTAH shine project and loved every second of it! Not only did it feel great to help make other peoples days but I met so many amazing people and made some [Read More]

salt lake city Shine project

I’m  so excited to be apart of saturdays shine event and to spread the shine in SLC! Come join us for a day of random acts of kindness. The event will be based off of the Pass it Forward cards. We will meet and end at Poplar Grove Park, and will be divided into teams of [Read More]

Get Ready to Shine! { SLC shine event }

I was soooo excited when Ashley of the shine project emailed me asking if I would help her out with her upcoming Salt Lake City Shine event! {Have you heard of Ashley and her SHINE project? It is SUCH an amazing thing she has put together…You can click here to learn more about Ashley and  [Read More]

Broken Hearts

  That’s what children with CHD {Congenital Heart Disease} call their hearts….Broken. I have a friend her name is Holly….she had a baby girl we call her PRINCESS B. B was born with a broken heart…..The doctors weren’t sure what was wrong with her at first. They put Princess B in the NICU right after [Read More]