Gluten Free Challenges and how Pizza hut can help

*** THIS CONTEST HAS NOW ENDED! NO FURTHER COMMENTS WILL COUNT TOWARDS THE GIFT CARDS** So it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I know. But if I am going to break the silence it’s going to be about something important. So let’s talk about it. GLUTEN FREE. As some of you remember, I went [Read More]

10 Delicious recipes using coconut oil

To continue on from last weeks post of 10 health and beauty tips using Coconut oil.…This week I bring you 10 MUST TRY mouth watering delicious recipes using coconut oil!! I would love to see any ideas you have using coconut oil so link up in the comment section! 1.) Whole Wheat Banana Bread with [Read More]

Help! I’m on the “I can’t eat anything diet”

Ok fine that’s not true…But pretty much nothing. As of monday I have to be: GLUTEN FREE SUGAR FREE DAIRY FREE PEANUT FREE ALCOHOL FREE and take ALL these pills twice a day! Really what am I supposed to eat?? I LIVED on carbs and cheese….The lady at my Dr’s office says to me in [Read More]