wearing all one color – neutral edition

Happy Friday Friends! Well, we did it, we finally got a REAL camera. haha! It’s nice having one, especially with our upcoming trip, although my husband has become quite the iphoneagrapher. Here’s to a new learning curve! Lucky for us down South, it’s still pretty warm. The nights are getting slightly cooler, and the mornings [Read More]

how to transition your makeup from summer to fall

Yup. It’s officially Fall (I felt Fall creep right up my shorts today when I got out of my warm bed this morning! Hehe.) This is my fave season – have I mentioned I love Fall, yet?! I’m loving going to Nordstrom & Target right now. Not only for the warm clothes (yes, please)..but for [Read More]

simple diy pleated shoulder shirt

  Hey y’all!  I’m so sad that this will be my last post here for a while!  I’m gonna miss y’all! I hope you’ll stop by at Alida Makes from time to time to say hi!   Today I’m going to show you a really pretty shoulder detail that is super easy to do.   [Read More]

free printable – inspirational watercolor quote

February of this year, I made a huge change in my life.  I started to workout and eating right for myself.  It has been a tough 7 months, but extremely rewarding and I have found new hobbies and interests while doing this.  I have lost 65 pounds and have so much more confidence.  Not only [Read More]

how to transition your Summer clothes into Fall

With Fall quickly approaching, it becomes apparent and very necessary for me to re-work some of the items in my wardrobe presently. Don’t get me wrong, I will definitely be adding some absolute Fall/Winter must-haves, but of course only if I can mix up four to five different looks from those purchases (like this amazing faux leather moto). Leading [Read More]

Five Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint in Your Home

Five Creative Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint in Your Home Chalkboards sound so… yesterday; however, these classroom staples have been reborn with the advent of paint that replicates the smooth, slate-like appearance of this old favorite. So what does this mean for you? If you have children (and particularly if you homeschool them), the options [Read More]

hawaiian grilled chicken

Hello Love Stitched readers! I know that Fall is almost here, but that certainly hasn’t stopped me from sneaking a few things on the grill before packing it away. The days are still pretty scorching around here, and I can’t help but squeeze every last bite out of summertime in the evenings. Recently, I’ve discovered [Read More]

DIY lace princess crown

  Hey y’all!  A while back on Alida Makes I showed you this pretty rainbow dress.  (Find more info and pictures of it on my blog HERE.)  To go with it, I made a quick and easy lace crown.    There are several DIY lace crowns on Pinterest, but mine is a little different.  Mine [Read More]

6 fall beauty trends

I know, I know….FALL already? It feels like Summer just started. As much as I love me some Summer, I love Fall even more though. The colors, the leaves, the warm sweaters, the hot drinks…it is definitely MY Season. I wanted to share with you guys some Fall Makeup Trends that will ACTUALLY be easy [Read More]