Have you been wondering how to follow and keep track of all your favorite blogs? have you been using google reader? well with that going away you will need a new way to follow along with all your blog lists! Lucky for you BLOGLOVIN is there to help you transfer all your blogs over and [Read More]

Two things you NEED to know….

TWO things I wanted to share today…. ONE – did you see the DARLING baking baskets on GroopDealz today!! I am in LOVE! Perfect for gifts or baking treats or to store all those fresh berries from the farmers market~comes in a set of FOUR! Limited quantity so hurry and snag them up while you [Read More]

Meet my new family

I am SO excited to announce the new additions to the Love Stitched family! Meet my contributors {in my best Patty Sanger voice just like “meet my millionares”} hehehe to read more about each contributor click the button below… These ladies are seriously bringing their “A” game…they have some amazing tips, tricks, recipes, DIY and [Read More]

get your camera’s ready!!!

On Tuesday I will be hosting a LINKY PARTY for all of YOU to show off YOUR  kitchens! WHO CARES!!! I WANT TO SEE!!! so get your camera’s out ladies and click away…cause Tuesday is the big day!{ha ha totally didn’t mean to make that rhyme…but I’m totally going to go with it} I AM [Read More]

I want to FEATURE you!!!

YES YOU!!!  I remember when I first started this blog and wanted to get my name out there and wanted people to find me! It was harder than I thought… I mean who am I kidding I am still trying to get my name out there and have new readers “find” me! But I thought [Read More]

A look inside….{{blog feature}}

The awesome blog  CREATE STUDIO!!!!*if you noticed my typo earlier..I am so overload and I typo’d her blog name wrong – oopps sorry Sarah :(  * I love to stop over and blog stalk browse Sarah’s site for creative ideas and inspiration :) now you will want to, too…. I introduce you to SARAH [Read More]

Tour a blog Tuesday {{ somewhat simple}}

Today I would like to introduce you to  STEPH(click on her name to read her bio)  from  SOMEWHAT SIMPLE I have been a follower of SOME WHAT SIMPLE for some time now! I just love her website! Steph has tons of great ideas and shares all her TUTORIALS on how to make them! Here are [Read More]