8 darling DIY Onesies

I have so many friends who are either pregnant or just had a baby! I always seem to have a stock of plain onesies in my craft room so I thought I’d put them to good use and make a bunch of darling diy onesies! I searched the web for some of the CUTEST tutorials [Read More]

reusable snack bags – a tutorial

Hey friends!  It’s Leslie, back with another super easy tutorial PERFECT for the summer! (and fall… possibly winter and spring, too)  Reusable sandwich/snack bags are the perfect solution to so many wasted plastic baggies.  My kids  use the plastic ones once and throw them away.  What a waste!  These little babies are washable so you [Read More]

Tie Onesie tutorial

lil’ tie onesie tutorial This is a project that’s nothing new, and there are THOUSANDS of tutorials out there but this is how I do mine! And it is always a huge hit at baby showers.  If the bouncy baby boy is going to be born in summer, this is all he will need for [Read More]

a rally for prayers….

I have a friend. Her name is Kami. Although we have only actually met in person a few times, I still consider her a friend. I’m sure you have heard of her, Kami is the brains behind the blog NO BIGGIE and Monday night, Kami,  had her sweet baby girl Afton. She was 3.5 months [Read More]