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I’m a graphic designer who loves traveling, playing, creating, enjoying the little things, and laughing. Everyday I wake up and feel blessed to have this lovely life! [Read more]

free tribal / southwestern note cards- a printable

  I’m not the only one in love with the tribal/southwestern trends going on right now! They are all over clothes and pillows and curtains and rugs and now…blank notecards. Try printing them on craft or a fluorescent color for even trendier looks! get there here! how have you incorporated this graphic trend [Read More]

You make my heart POP – free valentines day printable

I’m not a huge proponent of giving out candy on holidays (I’m basically the Grinch, right? Our poor children.) so I made it my mission to find something fun and cheap without sugar involved for a kid’s Valentine! The Dollar store had these pretty bubbles at 3 for a $1 and you know what? It’s [Read More]

2013 free printable calendar

There’s nothing like a fresh calendar, you know? Seeing all those days where you get to start new and get closer and closer to your goals…well, it feels good. So We thought we’d get you ready and excited for 2013 with a new printable! Combined with my love of all things chalkboard and fresh starts, [Read More]

Merry and Bright – free Christmas download and printable

Sometimes I like to sneak Christmas in before Thanksgiving. (gasp!) I know, it’s horrible. I love pilgrims and sweet potatoes and orange leaves, but I just get so excited for my Christmas things. If you’re inclined to add a little holiday cheer to your life, pre-december, here’s a way! red | desktop[] : ipad[]: printable[] [Read More]

Thankful for… {free printable}

Every year, a week or two before Thanksgiving, I realize I haven’t been writing down all the things I’m grateful for. I have lots of friends who do a daily gratitude on their facebook status, or write it down and tape it up on the wall (lots of CUTE things!) but then I always wonder…how do you [Read More]

welcome fall tags

Fall is my f a v o r i t e season! I was raised in New England which is the absolute epitome of fall places. Every fall was filled with apple picking, cider donuts, crispy crunchy leaves, vivid, delightful colors…sweaters. Oh sweaters. (Anytime now, Utah!) So even though it’s sunny and 80 here, on [Read More]

Free back to school lunch note printables

  My Mom is one of the most thoughtful people on this planet. She was always so good to do little things that really made us feel special and loved. One (of many) things she did was leave us notes in our lunch or backpack-I still get them actually! And it makes me so happy. [Read More]

Free Printable – Kitchen conversions chart

Baking in the summer can be a chore-the kitchen gets hot fast! At least in my house. So anything to help speed up the process is great in my eyes. So I whipped up a little conversion chart for you (and me!) to have handy. Stick it in your cabinet or frame it where it’s easily [Read More]

DIY firecracker decorations – free printable

Hi guys! The fourth of July is right around the corner and I’m sure you’ve got fun things planned like us (family campout anyone?). One of my favorite things about this holiday is the fireworks! Even if it’s just sparklers, they make me super excited. So I thought I’d make you guys a quick and [Read More]