Sewing Contributor
I am a wife, married 14 years, a mom of two boys, ages 12 & 9. I am a woman after God’s own heart! I started sewing aprons and posting my pics on FB and it ended up turning into a business for me. I love to sew, it’s simply relaxing. [Read more]

sewing feet – the down low

Today we are going to address the issue of sewing feet! Have you ever sewn with more than the presser foot that came with your machine?NO?  I didn’t  for many years either…… But one day I wanted to sew a ruffle. I looked up ways to do it & it involved basting the fabric with [Read More]

Sewing room organizing tips

Welcome to my sewing room.  Grab a chair & pour yourself a cup of morning Joe!  It’s cozy in here, so I hope you stay for a bit! Today I am going to share with you some sewing room tips that will save you time & help keep you organized while you are sewing. I [Read More]

how to clean and maintain your sewing machine

I use to take my machine to a tiny little vacuum repair shop.  The man had a friend that fixed sewing machines.  I would drop it off & pick it up 3 weeks & $85 later.  I did this religiously because my machine usually sounded like a freight train & that’s when I knew it [Read More]

diy Christmas fabric pennant banner

Happy Holidays! Are you getting into the Holiday Spirit? My husband & I are passing over the Thanksgiving Table & skipping town for our 15th wedding anniversary! Our anniversary actually falls on Thanksgiving Day, so it’s a perfect excuse to not show up! Once we exit the plane & arrive home, I feel we will [Read More]

Reusable market tote {a tutorial}

Welcome back Girlfriends! Can you believe Summer is gone? I’m kind of in mourning but I am loving a schedule. I have 2 boys, my oldest, Zakkery, is 7th grade & almost 13. Yikes! My youngest, Jeremiah, is in 4th grade. School isn’t the only thing that has started around here, but Soccer for the [Read More]

DIY crib sheet {a tutorial}

  Are you sick of boring crib sheets? Want a few custom sheets that are unique & add extra personality to the babies room? I get requests for crib sets (bumper, skirt, sheet quilt). I love making each one unique with the color scheme & theme the Mom is dreaming up in her head & [Read More]

restaurant style Strawberry lemonade {recipe}

  This month I am in the kitchen & out of the studio. My studio & basement are temporarily closed while we dry it out. We had a small flood & things got soggy & my studio got damp. All the carpet had to be pulled up & drywall cut out. There are dryers, dehumidifiers [Read More]

how to add elastic to a swimsuit – tutorial

Hi friends, can you believe it’s JUNE! Well this is the perfect tutorial to help adjust some swim shorts that might not fit the kids just right. I bought 3 pairs of these shorts on major clearance last year. Have you ever found such a great deal that you don’t look at the details of [Read More]

Tie Onesie tutorial

lil’ tie onesie tutorial This is a project that’s nothing new, and there are THOUSANDS of tutorials out there but this is how I do mine! And it is always a huge hit at baby showers.  If the bouncy baby boy is going to be born in summer, this is all he will need for [Read More]