Makeup Contributor
Hello there, I’m Jenna! Mom/Wife. Makeup Artist/Makeup Hoarder. Jewelry Designer. Just trying to stay stylish while on a strict budget, a baby on my hip, and a Dr. Pepper in my hand. I feel like everyone can be as beautiful as they want to be..even if you aren’t a trained makeup artist. It’s easy, I promise…I’ll show you how! :) [Read more]

how to transition your makeup from summer to fall

Yup. It’s officially Fall (I felt Fall creep right up my shorts today when I got out of my warm bed this morning! Hehe.) This is my fave season – have I mentioned I love Fall, yet?! I’m loving going to Nordstrom & Target right now. Not only for the warm clothes (yes, please)..but for [Read More]

6 fall beauty trends

I know, I know….FALL already? It feels like Summer just started. As much as I love me some Summer, I love Fall even more though. The colors, the leaves, the warm sweaters, the hot drinks…it is definitely MY Season. I wanted to share with you guys some Fall Makeup Trends that will ACTUALLY be easy [Read More]

make up 101: the best makeup for your eye color

  I am one of those people who can never ever go out of the house without something on my eyes. I live for eyeliners, shadows, primers & mascara. I am always trying on new colors…some of which look good…and some of which are complete failures. It wasn’t until I became a makeup artist, that [Read More]

5 ways to get naturally glowing skin

I am just gonna throw this out there – sometimes I loaaaathe my skin. It breaks out constantly (and I just turned 29), it looks blotchy all the time, it’s super sensitive to EVERYthing, and to top it all off – I have scars left over from the acne of my teenage years. How rude! [Read More]

summer makeup in 7 simple steps

  Awwww…Summer. How I love thee. Beaches, swimming, being outside all day, picnics. Love it ALL. Most of all, I love that I can get a (ahem) tan (ok so I always do a spray tan – who am I kidding?!), making my skin so glowy & almost flawless. Almost. During the Summer, you want [Read More]

Spring cleaning your make up drawer

  Every Spring, I tear up my house cleaning every inch & crevice of it. I just want my house to be sparkly clean at least ONCE during the year! My friend (we’ll just call her “Jamie” so I don’t call her out) and I were talking about how we clean every room from top [Read More]

Top 5 must have spring lipsticks

Happy Spring! Can’t you just feel the happiness in the air? I can’t wait to pull out all of my Spring makeup and go to town on my face! A while back, I did a huge BEAUTY BONANZA POLL, where a ton of bloggers voted on their favorite products. Lipsticks were by FAR the most controversial, [Read More]

must know makeup tips and tricks

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!! Today, I’m going to share some of my MAKEUP TRICKS & TIPS!  Shhh..I’m only telling YOU GUYS!!  Because who couldn’t use a few extra help with their makeup? :)   {Number 1} Trick to a “SLIMMER NOSE” Take your regular foundation and apply it to your nose. Then take a highlighter  (I like [Read More]

Make up 101 – how to apply skincare

  People always ask me HOW to apply their skincare in the morning and at night. What comes first? Can I apply this over that? Does the product work better if I apply it a certain way? Do I need a toner? Should my moisturizer have a sunscreen? Etc… I’m about to answer ALL those [Read More]