DIY Contributor
I am obsessed with interior design, thrifting and diy anything. I love the name brand look without the name brand price and I’m always on a quest for my next great knock off project. My style is an eclectic mix of... [Read more]

DIY scrap wood frame

DIY “Scrap” Wood Frames Howdy peeps.  I’m back with another super simple, super easy, super chic diy project. Everybody has an old, outdated picture frame lying around, just begging for a makeover, am I right?  And if you don’t, there are an abundance of them anxiously awaiting purchase at your local thrift store. This inexpensive project will show you how to turn [Read More]

rustic wood planters tutorial

Okay, so today’s diy project is so easy even a kid could do it.  No seriously, my thirteen year old son made some of these for me…and I absolutely fell in love with them.  They are rustic, they are charming, they are versatile, they are…Primitive Wood Planters. I call them {primitive planters} because they are [Read More]

DIY decorative Spheres

 Never “SPHERE” Erika is here with another fab DIY idea! Do you ever get in one of those moods where you wanna start a project, but not one that will take days…weeks…months to complete- just something easy, cheap, awesome and super quick. Well then, I have just the project for you. We’ve all seen ’em.  In fact, some of [Read More]

how to paint tile floors – a tutorial

Okay! How many of you out there have a room in your house with hideously unattractive floors? Sadly, I have a couple of them. Here’s number one on The World’s Fugliest Floors list. A couple weeks ago, I finally decided I had had enough of the “life sucking” laundry room floors and I decided that [Read More]

DIY cowhide rug

Lately, I’ve totally been crushing on cowhide rugs. For those of you who aren’t quite sold on the whole animal hide rug notion, just get over it already and accept the fact that they are totally the bomb. These lovelies can add interest and sophistication to any room, not to mention, make you the talk [Read More]